Quigley’s Arch

Quigley's Arch

Quigley’s Arch

Old Photo’s

Many years ago, shortly after purchasing my first digital camera, I went hiking with a friend up Loy Canyon. We went up to the ruins that you can see from the trail about a half mile or so from the trailhead. I took a few pictures of the South side of the canyon from there.

Captured by Accident

Two years later while looking over these photo’s I saw a dot of light on one of the pictures I had not seen before. After studying the photo for a while, then asking my kids for their opinions, it was agreed that we found an arch and made plans to go and verify our discovery.


We did find it, but it ended up taking a few other hikes to get in the right position to take the photo that shows it distinctly.

Sedona’s Arches

There are several named arches in the Sedona area, Vultee Arch, Devil’s Bridge, Fay Canyon Arch. And a few without names, like the one you can see driving southbound on Highway 89A above Slide Rock, or the one up off of Soldiers Pass Trail. I’m sure there are a few more.

Quigley’s Arch

So I named the Arch after myself. No, there will be no attempt to make it official. I don’t believe for a minute it’s an original discovery. It’s just fun to throw this old dog a bone once in a while.
I do try to show people where this is while out on the “Outlaw” Jeep tour. It is hard to see from where we stop, But pointing it out allows the imagination to soar.

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