Sedona Rock Art #1

Sedona Rock Art

Sedona Rock Art

Although there are a good number of sites containing Rock Art, the highest number of them that I have found only contain a small number of stick figures, hand prints or zig-zag lines.

The good news is that if you are interested in viewing a very fine collection of Sedona Rock Art I would highly recommend spending a day visiting Honanki, Palatki and V Bar V Ranch. You can see all three for the cost of a Red Rock Pass.
These Heritage Sites are manned by very knowledgable people to give you insights into the Ancient Cultures, adding a lot to the experience. Check the Cultural Sites link below for availability.

For more information go to “Cultural Sites”
And for a first class learning experience check out “Sinagua Sun Watchers”

A breakdown of the Photo Gallery…

1. A Flute Player (with bad feet); The square designs I call ‘Blankets’. That is neither a scientific or archaeological term that I know of.
2. A common type handprint – where they had paint on the hand, then pressed on wall.
3. A hand silhouette – press hand on wall, then blow paint on through a straw.
4. Paint hand on wall – so far I have found this type at only two sites.
5. Hand Outlines
6. Two Snakes on large panel.
7. Close up on center of panel.
8. Mountain lion with cub.
9. Human figure with large fancy headdress.
10. This Lizard painting is about 33″-36″ tall.
11. Clan symbol up high, Honanki.
12. Clan symbol or Moon, Honanki.
13. Moon and Human, Honanki.
14. Clan symbols over ruins, Palatki
15. small panel, Honanki.
16. Multi colored panel with some larger human figures.
17. Multi colored panel with some larger human figures (possibly in Ceremonial Dress?)
18. Flute player +
19. Downward lines depicting rain? Palatki
20. You need to here the story about this one from those who tell it. Palatki

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