Long Canyon, Sedona

Long Canyon So I had a chance to get out for a hike last weekend (2/4/12) and chose Long Canyon. Always a good choice to get closer to … [Read more...]

Cowpies, Sedona

CowPies Just crossing the road from the parking lot on the trail the views really open up wide and is really pretty spectacular with in the … [Read more...]

Schnebly Hill (Rock Formations)

Schnebly Hill The Schnebly Hill hike that I am referring to here is a continuation of a trail that wanders out on to the "Cowpies". Cowpies … [Read more...]

Water Scenes

  Photo Gallery #3, Water Scenes I thought you might like a string of water shots to help you dream a little about a cool dip on a … [Read more...]

Sedona Photos 2

Sedona Photos 2 Here's the second group of interesting sights and places. Recognize any? I hope so, that means you've been getting … [Read more...]

Sedona Photo’s 1

My First Photo Gallery I have been taking pictures during my hikes for years. Advances in digital photography have really helped me a … [Read more...]

Mogollon Rim Winter

            I was heading up to cut a load of firewood when it became obvious that going off … [Read more...]


Please feel free to leave a message or question. Am also interested in peoples advice and points of view. Looking forward to a … [Read more...]