Dogie Trail / Sycamore Canyon

Dogie Trail

View from Dogie Trail

Unfortunately for Sedona the sale of a couple homesteads lead to the building of resorts, defiling the natural beauty of the backcountry. This makes it hard to take a photograph sometimes without a home, golf course or other building in it.

Not so with Sycamore Canyon. It was made a Wilderness back in 1972. I had always thought it to be the first Wilderness in Arizona, though I could not verify that in a recent web search. This is the largest canyon in the state except for the Grand Canyon, and is mostly untouched.

Dogie Trail goes straight to the heart of Sycamore. The first half of the trail is almost all down hill. My map shows the trail to be 4.8 miles, the info below says it’s 5.4. This can make for a long hot walk out in the summer, so be prepared.

The road to the trailhead is long and rough, but worth the trip. Plan to spend the whole day. It will take most of it regardless of what you do.

Below is what the Coconino National Forest website has to say.
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The Dogie Trail offers hikers and horsebackers a chance to experience one of Arizona’s spectacular views without all of the crowds. If solitude is what you seek, this could be the trail for you. The trail descends into the heart of the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness. For those who long for rugged beauty unspoiled and untamed by man, Sycamore is one of the few places in the southwest that can lay claim to such a lack of man’s accomplishments. The trail into this primitive area begins at a saddle 200 yards from where you should park your vehicle. Expect a panoramic view of the canyon from this pass.

Javelina, deer, quail, and numerous other animals call this country home. Pinyon pine, juniper, Arizona cypress, brush fields and wildflowers are abundant.

Make sure you take lots of water for this hike especially during late spring to early fall months. Temperatures quite often exceed 110 degrees in the canyon bottom.

Rating: Moderate to strenuous
Hiking time: Plan on a full day/overnighter
No motorized or mechanized vehicles (including bicycles) in Wilderness
Very hot during summer months.
It is 5.4 miles to canyon bottom and Sycamore Canyon Trail

Open Season: Year ’round
Usage: Light
Closest Towns: Sedona, AZ
Operated By: Red Rock District – 928-203-2900
USGS Maps: Loy Butte, Sycamore Basin

Directions: Go West through Sedona on US 89A. Five miles past Sedona turn north on FR 525 and follow the signs to Sycamore Pass. Turn west on FR 525C and continue for nine miles to the parking area. Hike road up to the saddle.