Brins Mesa

Brins Mesa

View from Brins Mesa

Brins Mesa has always been one of my favorite trails. I used to get there via Soldiers Pass. But now Jordan Trailhead is the starting point of choice. The views are in your face huge from the parking lot, and stay that way up to and acrooss the top of Brins Mesa. The walking is pleasant for about 1 mile, then the uphill starts. This stretch of uphill is a bit of work, but does not stop most people.

Once on top you have a choice of two directions. You can continue on Brins Mesa Trail (going straight) which will start a long gentle downhill most of the way to Streling Canyon Road. Or you can go right and walk the southern edge of the mesa. This trail starts around the backside of the first tree when topping out on Brins Mesa. As you walk up this trail you will be facing the west side of Wilson Mountain and looking down over the “uptown’ area of Sedona. With great views every step of the way, this trail continues for about a mile.

Give yourself at least two hours if you hike further than just to the top of the mesa.

Below is what the Coconino National Forest website has to say.
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This trail begins right at the edge of the town of Sedona and is as picturesque as it is convenient. Instead of keeping you tucked away in a deep canyon or clinging to the side of a steep slope as do a lot of other trails in this area, it leads you right out into the open where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the spectacular red rock formations for which the Sedona area and Oak Creek Canyon are famous. Bring along a map to help you identify Coffee Pot Rock, Wilson Mountain, Chimney Rock and more.

The hike is not too steep and not too long, but it can be a bit hot during summer. No matter, you’ll be glad you braved the heat (and the shooting range at the Sedona trailhead) when you see the views. An alternate approach to the Brins Mesa Trail is to drive out Vultee Arch Road and hike it from that end-same trail, same great views.

Hiking time: 1 hour
Notes: No mechanized vehicles (including mountain bikes) in Wilderness.
This trail can be hot and dry in summer. Please do not disturb ruins or remove artifacts.
USGS Maps: Munds Park, Wilson Mountain
Operated By: Red Rock Ranger District – 928-203-2900
Elevation at the trailhead is 4200 feet.

Directions: Go to Uptown Sedona and turn west on Jordan road. Follow it about a mile to the trailhead. Or continue through Sedona to Dry Creek Road, turn north about a mile to Vultee Arch Road (FR 152) and north about 2.5 miles to the Soldier Pass trailhead. It’s a mile and half hike to the Brins Mesa Trail intersection. The last 1/4 mile of Jordan Road and all 3 miles of FR 152 can be a bit rough.