Available Trails

There are so many trails available I simply cannot list them all. But I can list a few. To be honest, I have not hiked every trail (yet). But it is my intention to get to the trails not traveled and to return to the ones I have to write reviews and attach photographic galleries. With the hope of aiding you in your decisions on which trails to try next.

For your convenience I have broke the listed trails up into categories, into different degrees of difficulty. Much of the information provided is from the Coconino and Prescott Forest Service websites. For a complete list of trails and printable information visit:
“Coconino National Forest”
“Red Rock Country”
“Prescott National Forest”

First are the “Easy Hikes”.
Most of these are under a mile one way and reasonably flat. Good hikes if you do not have much time or have small children.

Second are the “Moderate Hikes”.
This is the largest category of hikes. One way distances of one to three miles with elevation changes of several hundred feet or less. Usually one to five hours in duration. Check each hike page for specifics.

Third are the “Long Sedona Hikes”.
These are four or more miles one way, usually taking 3/4 day or so to complete unless you walk fast and take no breaks.

Fourth are the “Vertically Challenging”.
These will vary in length, but have strong elevation gains and lofty views in common.

Fifth are “Notable Verde Valley Hikes”.
Outside the realm of Sedona there are a few trails that are more than worth giving a try.

Last but not least are the “Archaeological Sites”.
These sites are open to the public. Some are Free, some are Fee areas. They all have some sort of amenity. These are typically short hikes with lots of information provided on the ancient peoples and how they lived in this area.