Earth Angel Spire

Earth Angel Spire

Earth Angel Spire (left center) The Fin (center) Marg’s Draw (background right)

Earth Angel Spire

By early 1985 I was hiking Brins Mesa pretty regularly. Not knowing the official name of this particular rock at the time, I named it “Indian Sentinel”. From my perspective this Sentry stood guard in front of the shallow canyon that held Angel Falls. The canyon is actually the very upper portion of Mormon Canyon. It cannot be seen from town. It is best viewed from the very upper most part of Brins Mesa.

It has always fascinated me as to how some rocks, through erosion, can look so much like a person. Or a dog, bear, bird, elephant, gorilla. (I bet you think I’m exaggerating.) Yes, if you look closely at the “head” of Earth Angel Spire, you will see the hairline, forehead, brow, eye, nose, chin and neck.

The views into this upper portion of canyon from the eastern end of Brins Mesa is pretty dramatic. There are numerous other spires, some capped with square blocks of Fort Apache Member limestone. Huge sheer bluffs of Coconino Sandstone. When water is running there are two additional cascades along with Angel Falls.

It is the multitude of objects in this seemingly small area that has made this a special spot for me.

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