Winter Snow in Sedona

Mt. Wilson

Mt. Wilson

Snow in Sedona

Of all the seasons, winter is my favorite for hiking in Sedona. I absolutely love snow in Sedona. Plus, the trails are not crowded, the ground is firm and the air keeps you cool for the long walks. The views are always good around Sedona, but when the rocks are covered in snow they are accentuated to a level of beauty almost beyond compare.

Maroon Mt

Maroon Mt from Bristlecone Dr.

Snow in Sedona though, doesn’t stay for long. So to get the best of it one must get out early to take full advantage. If you know it’s coming it’s easy to plan. Just remember to keep the sun behind you as best you can.
There isn’t usually much snow left by sunset, but a drive out Dry Creek Road and then West could pay off.

Maroon Mt

Maroon Mt from Long Canyon Trail

If you are lucky enough to have some time for a hike, do it. Try somewhere you can see the water running down the rocks, like Soldiers Pass Trail, Fay or Boyton Canyons. Or just go somewhere to get close to something really big like Long Canyon, Jim Thompson trail or Margs Draw would be awesome also.

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset from Dry Creek Road

If you don’t live near Sedona then it might be worth planning a quick trip when you see weather coming our way. Sky’s typically clear when storms pass, so just plan on being there early the next morning. See you then!

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