Winter Solstice at V Bar V Heritage Site, Sinagua Solar Calendar, Sedona Az

Upper Solar Panel

Winter Solstice 12-21-12

I could say it was just luck finding out the truth about V Bar V this year. I just happened across a website that described six solar markers within the Verde Valley. A couple of those places I have been to. One of them I had only recently discovered by accident while hiking and looking for something altogether different. Although, I had no idea about the significance of what I saw.

The more I learn about the Ancient Cultures of Arizona, the more the fascination consumes me. Most people today never really think about living without all the comforts and conveniences within the realms of our day to day lives. Life without even just a few of these comforts we take for granted today could make things laborious and difficult. Most people don’t really think the lack of a calendar would affect them to much. But for the Ancient Cultures, knowing exactly where they were in regards to the seasons was of critical importance.

The basic workings of the calendar at V Bar V, the direction of the rock panel and the “shadow stones”, happened naturally. It was the ingenuity of the Sinagua to take advantage of this site and place petroglyphs where needed on all the important dates and the calendar was born. As consistent as the sun, to last through time.

Now, the Winter Solstice marker works a little differently than the rest of the year as it does not use the shadow stones. Instead, later in the afternoon, a Sun Dagger crosses the entire panel transecting a concentric circle. The entire Winter Solstice Sequence lasted about six minutes and you can see it by viewing the photo gallery below. Double click on the first photo to enlarge.

The V Bar V Heritage Site is open to the public with a Red Rock Pass. The Archeoastronomy feature (calendar) is a relatively recent discovery. To learn more about V Bar V you can visit the National Forest Service site “Here”
To learn more about Archeoastronomy of Sedona and the Verde Valley try “”

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