Common Sights

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock


The Common Sites are what Sedona is most famous for.

Bell Rock

Cathedral Rock, for instance, is the most photographed scene in Arizona. Coffee Pot, Chimney Rock and Bell Rock all resemble items with recognizable shapes.Courthouse Butte and Capital Butte are equally as impressive as there manmade counterparts.





There are many more of course, Snoopy, Lucy’s Head, Sugerloaf, The Cockscomb, The Fin, Elephant Rock, Castle Rock, Teapot, Mitten Ridge, Modonna With Child, Earth Angel Spire, Shiprock and Submarine Rock.

Of all the sites named above, only Submarine Rock cannot be seen from the comfort of your car.

Mitten Ridge




There are also a few Mountains that surround the Sedona area. Lee Mtn and Munds Mtn are to the East. House Mtn to the South. Wilson Mtn is North of the “Y”, and is the largest in the area. A little more North and to the West are Secret Mtn and Bear Mtn.  While Bear Mtn is reasonably prominent, you can only the the edges of Secret Mtn above Secret Canyon on the West side, the top back edges of Boyton Canyon or the top back Eastern edge of Loy Canyon.

Wilson Mtn

Lee Mtn

Maroon Mtn

Along with these landmarks are three other named Mountains that are unvisitable to the ordinary person. They are Lost Mtn, Maroon Mtn and Lost Wilson Mtn. Lost Mtn is North of Bear Mtn and Southwest of Secret Mtn. Maroon Mtn is to the East of Secret Mtn, but is large and prominent within the views of the backcountry. Lost Wilson is to the Northwest of Wilson Mtn.

I have not photographed every named rock in Sedona. But if you are interested there are books on the subject.

In the meanwhile, here’s a couple pictures…

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