Jim Thompson Trail, Sedona, AZ

Jim Thompson Trail, Sedona, AZ I really like the Jim Thompson Trail, and recommend it frequently to people looking for a reasonably easy … [Read more...]

Airport Loop Trail

To begin your hike on Airport Loop Trail walk up to the saddle area of the "Vortex". Keep to the far right of the saddle and you will find … [Read more...]

Long Canyon, Sedona

Long Canyon So I had a chance to get out for a hike last weekend (2/4/12) and chose Long Canyon. Always a good choice to get closer to … [Read more...]

Cowpies, Sedona

CowPies Just crossing the road from the parking lot on the trail the views really open up wide and is really pretty spectacular with in the … [Read more...]

Schnebly Hill (Rock Formations)

Schnebly Hill The Schnebly Hill hike that I am referring to here is a continuation of a trail that wanders out on to the "Cowpies". Cowpies … [Read more...]