Hello, My name is Chuck Quigley. I am an avid hiker, outdoor enthusiast, history, and Archeology enthusiast, and am lucky enough to live in this area.

Besides that, It has always been a dream to be able to share the things I see out and about, hence this blog. My literary skills my not be fantastic, but my hopes are to make up for it through photographs.

Making no claims to being a great photographer, I feel drawn to attempt a decent representation of the multitude of beautiful things, and places to be in Central Arizona.

I would not say I do not have the kind of dedication a true photographer has, It’s just that I’m more committed to movement. I’m a hiker. It is way more than necessary to see what’s “over there”, or “around the next bend”. In the coarse of a five or ten mile trek some pictures are taken when the sun is high. And the exploring brings the mind back to youthful adventure.

But hey, it’s all good. My true purpose is to show you what’s out there that you may otherwise never see. And as I gain time outdoors and experience taking photos, with more and better equipment, some shots will just have to be exceptional. Right?