Quigley’s Arch

Old Photo's Many years ago, shortly after purchasing my first digital camera, I went hiking with a friend up Loy Canyon. We went up to the ruins that you can see from the … [Read More]

Quigley's Arch

Earth Angel Spire

Earth Angel Spire By early 1985 I was hiking Brins Mesa pretty regularly. Not knowing the official name of this particular rock at the time, I named it "Indian Sentinel". … [Read More]

Earth Angel Spire

Winter Snow in Sedona

Snow in Sedona Of all the seasons, winter is my favorite for hiking in Sedona. I absolutely love snow in Sedona. Plus, the trails are not crowded, the ground is firm and the … [Read More]

Winter Snow in Sedona

Winter Solstice at V Bar V Heritage Site, Sinagua Solar Calendar, Sedona Az

Winter Solstice 12-21-12 I could say it was just luck finding out the truth about V Bar V this year. I just happened across a website that described six solar markers within … [Read More]

V-V Petroglyph

Jim Thompson Trail, Sedona, AZ

Jim Thompson Trail, Sedona, AZ I really like the Jim Thompson Trail, and recommend it frequently to people looking for a reasonably easy hike with great views. This trail is … [Read More]

Jordon Trailhead

Mingus Mountain, Autumn Colors

Getting To Mingus Mountain This last October I took a mountain bike ride down Mingus Mountain near Cottonwood,Az to see the fall colors. My wife drove me to the top of Mingus … [Read More]

Mingus Colors